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Look out for Oor Wullie as he goes on tour

Oor Wullie and Keillor Graphics support The Archie Foundation. Following the huge success of the bucket trail, there remained an overwhelming appetite amongst children, and adults alike, to continue to see Oor Wullie sculptures around the towns and communities which the trail occupied. An Archie foundation fund raising committee discussed the possibility of being able to take a number of Wullie sculptures on tour, however at the early stages this was merely an ambition. The committee was then very kindly gifted the use of a 7.5tonne show van through a local business woman, and the ambition became reality. With the help of DC Thomsons, Oor Wullie artwork was designed to cover the entire vehicle which was completed by ourselves. The tour van made its debut at the Leisure & Culture Dundee Santa Dash, where over 700 Santa-dressed visitors came together to run, jog or walk around Dundee city centre in aid of The Archie Foundation, finishing at the Oor Wullie tour van in the city square. A programme of events is now being drafted up in conjunction with a number of Oor Wullie sculpture owners, to travel Tayside and further afield, allowing locals, tourists, family and friends to continue to meet the sculptures that took Dundee by storm in the summer of 2016. Please spare a thought for all those who need help and support especially at this time of year and please give our Oor Wullie livery a wave if you see it driving around.