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A small corner of Arbroath will always be routed in the USA

Keillor Graphics were invited to design and create a brand style for a new car wash in Arbroath. The new car wash which is the initiative of David Pert of Pert House Furnishers, a well known local businessman wanted something unique and strongly branded. Following consultation meetings with David Pert, Keillor’s went to work on developing a name for the car wash a number of names were put forward, but it was Route 66 that got the final vote. This is a famous highway in the United States of America and so the brand style took a lot of it’s inspiration from the imagery of the actual location. The brand device is in the shape of the actual road sign itself and even the colours have been reflected in the design of the car wash. Added to the sign are large arrows with reflective material to pick up the light and direct customers into the car wash. Around the perimeter of the car wash are fibre glass panels with printed graphics adhered to them promoting the various offers. The walls of the car wash have two Menu boards illustrating the price range of the various services offered in the car wash.