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Easterhouse, St. George’s and St. Peters Church

This is another new build project by the Church of Scotland. This shows how the C of S have actively, over recent years, been reinventing how the “Church” as we used to know it is today and how they are assuring the sustainability of the Church for the future. The new buildings are all about the people and the community. Like most things now a days, finances determine that everything must be used efficiently. The new Church at Easterhouse in Glasgow demonstrates this well. The architects for the project were James F. Stephen from Glamis, home of the past Queen Mothers favourite Castle.

The design is very lightsome throughout and there is no feel of the old churches of somber silence!! The build work was completed by Stewart Milne Aberdeen. They are also working on another Church close by. We were commissioned to come up with a design for signage that would be practical and come within a fairly tight budget. There were several design options given you can see the chosen finished article. The before picture of site just shows a glimpse of the old sign, slight improvement I think.

Come back soon, we are also building a new sign unit for the other church close by at Garthalmock and Craigend East, it is quite a bit more unusual?