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Yvonne’s of Dundee

Working on retail premises can often be challenging, deadlines for opening are always crucial! Yvonne’s of Dundee is a very well known family run business. Presently they have the shop in the Forum Centre plus the shop in Castle Street Dundee, Keiller’s China Shop. The new shop in the Seagate Dundee opened recently. This shop offers a mix of the other two shops but it has added a couple of new dimensions to the business. David who is running the new shop has introduced a line of occasional furniture and soft furnishings etc. However, the really interesting unusual part of this shop is the Fancy Dress facility. This is a proper specialist part to the business and will be offering a vast selection of dress for all occasions and the styles and types will change regularly.

The shop is well worth a visit.

You can see from the initial design concepts that we produced for the shop styling and signage and the previous that the transformation works well. Weather posed a problem prior to opening date so some of external paintwork wasn’t quite complete!