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New Shop Opens in Arbroath



Bit of good news at last for the Arbroath High Street and our local retail facilities. Sultan Eroglu, shop owner and proprietor is a very astute business woman. With several other business interests in the area, this one possibly has a bit more in the way of self indulgence (hope she doesn’t mind me saying so!) and why not!

This new shop is definitely something special. Zeb for Occasions is the place to go if you have somewhere special to go!

Looking good on the special occasion is what it is all about. Sultan has a tremendous selection of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories from all over the world. Primarily for the Female gender. Sultan is also providing a limited stock of mens wear, shirts, ties, cuff links and various other accessories for the discerning male.

We created the logo design and ID for the shop signage and branding. The very distinctive black and white Zebra theme is used throughout the shop, creating a great atmosphere.

The sign is 10mm thick dense white acrylic with a composite aluminium panel providing the splash of purple colour. We have also designed business cards, gift vouchers and labeling to match the brand.

We are hopefull that Sultan will decide in the New Year to go ahead with full online shopping website. However, Christmas is coming and we are sure that she will be too busy to worry about the internet at present.

Come down to Arbroath and visit the shop situated in the precinct, easy to get too with plenty parking around. The gift vouchers will be available from November 27th, a great present.

Go to our works to see more photos.