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Noah’s Ark Adventure Centre in Perth



The Centre was taken over by new owners late last year. Keillor Graphics was delighted to have been commissioned to design a new identity and logo for the centre providing the starting point of the reinvention of Noah’s Ark.

Although upgrade and improvements are ongoing the new owners and management have produced an excellent facility for families, kids and adults alike.

We not only provided the new logo and designs which have been used extensively on the new signage but we also did a series of original illustrations, obviously featuring the animals 2 by 2 and also many people and activities. These illustrations will be used in the future upgrades planned for the centre.

We have also just completed the design and build of the new website, the site just went live this week, you can visit site now at, the website gives information on all facilities and forthcoming events, prices etc.

The Park is really taking shape now, we must complement the owners on their investment in time and money, the future is looking good, along with the neighbouring Golf Range and Caravan Park, this “oasis” in Perth is the ideal location for the family day out.