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House of Beauly new website - on it's way!



Visitors to the Highlands should take time out to visit the House of Beauly, in Beauly. Previously known as Made in Scotland. Charles Morgan has rejuvenated the place into a buoyant visitor attraction. I suppose they will be compared with the House of Bruar which sits directly on the A9 north but Beauly is much more intimate.

We have just secured the work for major upgrading of the HoB website, having completed the initial visual designs, the new website will display all the features of the HoB which includes restaurant and café, gents and ladies wear stores, giftwear, foodhall and Lady Claire MacDonald’s Cookshop. The upper level has a specialist bridal wear and dress store.

The new website will also advertise the numerous events that are hosted at HoB, these vary from cooking demonstrations, skilled woodworking to musical concerts.

The site will have the facility to book and pay for these events online. Hopefully we will not be too long in completing it to go live. For more information go to